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Be Well. Keep It Real. Thrive

Be Well. Keep It Real. Thrive

How I can help

Hi, I’m Angela!

I see myself as a guide to help people manage their stress, heal the “issues living in their tissues” from life’s traumas, and live a healthier, more resilient life so that they can THRIVE!. I believe in continued growth and life long learning to empower not only myself but everyone I meet.


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I am a business professional who realized early in my career the value of health, wellness and resilience.

People learn in different ways and we need to honour that. I try to find the best ways for every one to be able to incorporate healthy habits that work for them.  Through the years I have realized that personal growth and balanced wellness means so much more than just being physically fit.

As part of self-care and keeping it interesting, I also want fitness to be fun so we keep coming back! Sometimes it takes being creative to get people to find their way to growth and learning.

Be inspired and love yourself enough to live a healthy life – for the mind, body and spirit within.

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“I highly recommend Angela’s classes and workshops! She is a wealth of knowledge and instructs/teaches in a very honest and humble manner. Her classes will challenge you at any level and what I appreciate the most is her ability to guide and lead in such a way that her entire class knows exactly what to do and transitions smoothly through movements. This makes for such an enjoyable experience and a workout that nurtures the body and the soul! Namaste! ”