Looking to make life changes?  Meet goals?  Change habits?

A Coach can help you to figure out what your intentions are, define goals related to your intentions, create a plan to meet your goals and then measure your success.  A coach is your guide to finding your own way.

A Coach also keeps you accountable with regular check ins and redefining goals or plans as needed.  This accountability is what helps make you successful in achieving what you desire.

Feeling overwhelmed? Need someone to help you stay on track?  I can help coach you to reduce stress, build resilience, meet healthy goals (weight, movement, self-care, financial and any other goal you want to meet) and find time to care for yourself so you can live your best life (I call that THRIVING!) and care for others.

A series of personal appointments will find what works with your own personal lifestyle and commitments and then helps to keep you on track with regular check-ins, self-reporting and personal goals

I also coach small groups or can provide more information on goal setting, stress management, building resilience and self care through my lectures, speaking events or information sessions as indicated above.

Contact me to make an appointment today.

Coaching can be offered privately, as a small group or at the workplace.


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