Want a quick and effective workout for all levels?

A bootcamp is just that.  Usually about 30 minutes in length (you don’t want it longer than that!) and hits all areas of fitness – cardio, strength/core and flexibility.  Anyone can do it – I give lots of options and encourage everyone to work at their own fitness level.  Challenge yourself but listen to your body. It provides a full body workout including cardio, strength and flexibility.  My Bootcamps are for all levels so that anyone can do them.  I offer lots of options to push yourself and be successful while allowing for growth and achievable goals.

Group Fitness Classes make exercising fun. They create a camaraderie, a social network and increase the fun factor.  It may even hold you accountable…finding a workout buddy will help you stick with it. Group Fitness is a class that allows a group of people with common fitness interests to come together, get a workout and have some fun.  The added benefit of working in a group is support, accountability, encouragement and maybe even a little competition.   Classes vary in length and can range anywhere from 10 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the type of class.

Don’t be afraid to inquire about classes that aren’t listed that you are interested in.

There is no greater motivation than exercising amongst friends. Group classes can bring a sense of camaraderie in that “we are in this together”! Research has shown that finding a friend to exercise with not only keeps us accountable but also ensures we stick with it.

Please contact me to learn more

Some of the classes I can offer include:

  • HIIT (10-15 minutes)

  • Micro-workouts for strength and endurance (10-20 minutes)

  • Bootcamp

  • DanceFit

  • Cardio Strength

  • MMA Fitness

  • Core Strength

  • Low Impact Cardio Movement

*NOTE:  all of my classes are currently in a low impact format with options to add higher impact, if available.