I am passionate about anything that keeps my body, mind and spirit healthy.

Be kind.


  • To live with purpose seeking happiness and fulfillment while being true to myself.

  • To honour and listen to my body.

  • To embrace and share the power of love with the people who matter to me and to be a positive influence to those around me.

  • To seek to understand, to truly listen and to continuously learn.

  • To enjoy, question and find simplicity in my spiritual journey recognizing that peace, love and happiness can only be found within.


I always tell people that I’m a CPA in my “real job”.  I’m part of a senior management team with direct reports.  It’s fairly stressful.

Many years ago, I realized that this was not my passion.  As you can see by My Philosophy and My Personal Mission Statement, my passion lies in wellness and balance.  I was so active in university that most people who didn’t know me thought I was in the Phys. Ed. program.  When I started working full time and sat at a desk…a lot, I suffered from a bulged L5 disc.  In order to rekindle my passion and make my way back to a healthy body after those first few years of a post-university sedentary lifestyle, I joined a gym and then became a Fitness Instructor.  That was back in 1999.

My love of movement led me to my first yoga certification in 2003.  I became a Personal Trainer in 2009 and a Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Specialist in 2014 to “round out” my credentials.

Since then I’ve become an E-RYT500 yoga teacher which encompassed 500 hours of “classroom” training plus countless hours of research, reading, preparation and homework for said training.

Realizing that stress was prominent in my life, as well as everyone else’s, since 1999 and most especially over the last 10 years, I’ve studied, researched and put into practice ways to keep stress in check and find a healthy balance for optimal health and well being – mind, body and spirit (whatever that means to you).

These practices include meditation, mindfulness, positive energy focus, spending time in nature (aka nature therapy), journaling and Reiki to name a few.  All of these practices are now in the forefront in studies on stress management and wellness.  CEO’s, sports teams and first responders are using forms of mindfulness and meditation for mental rehearsal and readiness, to cope and to respond not react.

This journey made me realize that I had pain and stress related to unresolved trauma.  And so did a lot of others.

Therefore, part of this learning, self-discovery and growth led me to obtain my YogaFit for Warriors certification – Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY). Everyone has been touched by stress, illness, grief, addiction, PTSD; trauma touches us all in some way whether personally or by affecting someone we care about.  Trauma Sensitive Yoga brings another modality for treatment in addition to talk therapy and allows for a reconnection, grounding and somatic release.  The more tools we have, the greater the chance for healing.

In 2019, I became a Certified Coach Practitioner.  Being a Stress Management and Wellness Coach is helping myself define my path to meet my goals.  Seeing how this has helped me, I know I want to coach others to make achievable life transforming goals.  Part of becoming a Stress Management and Wellness Coach is sharing with large groups or public speaking events.  What a great way to share knowledge!  If even one person takes away something positive then that makes for a better world.

That’s my story.  And if I can take what I’ve learned and help a few humans on this planet lead a healthier, balanced, fuller life then I’ve fulfilled my passion and my purpose.


Just to keep it real…

Chartered Accountant/Certified Professional Accountant
Les Mills BodyStep, BodyCombat and CXWorx certificates
YogaFit E-200RYT/RYT500 (certified with the Yoga Alliance)
YogaFit for Warriors (Trauma Sensitive Yoga) 120-hour certificate
CanFitPro Fitness Instructor Specialist
CanFitPro Personal Trainer Specialist
CanFitPro Mind Body Specialist
CanFitPro Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Specialist
CanFitPro Stress Resiliency Certificate
Payroll Compliance Practitioner