Yoga comes in many different styles and I believe there is a style for everyone.

Yoga can be restorative, gentle and relaxing. It can be powerful, strong and challenging. It can also be a safe place to reconnect the mind and body, take time to heal and restore. It can be fun by adding a theme.

There IS a yoga for YOU!

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I offer a variety of yoga classes making yoga available to everybody (and every body!). Yoga, in its various styles, will help you to achieve any fitness goal.  Want to run faster with less chance of injury? Want to lift more weight? Want to be able to put your socks on without falling over? Want to be able to sit on the floor and play with your kids/grandkids? Yoga in whatever form you choose to take it in will help with all of those goals and so much more.  I’ve had many clients who after only 3 classes, find a big difference in strength, flexibility, reduced back pain and posture!

Yoga can also be a tool to help with healing.  Yoga keeps us mindful of our movement, grounded and allows the mind and body to reconnect.  This creates a safe place for healing to occur and the somatic release of stress or trauma.  Yoga is being used as a healing modality for the military and first responders in conjunction with other means of dealing with stress and PTSD.  Meditation, which is a part of yoga, can help us to respond and not react to situations or triggers.

“Angela is an amazing instructor. She starts ever pose at the beginner level allowing everyone and every skill to take part. Always making sure everyone is doing everything safely. Her lunch time classes are perfect workout. Very enjoyable and very welcoming. Highly recommend Angela as a yoga instructor.”


Any type of yoga class you can imagine can work because there is a type of yoga for everybody. I specialize in the different. The reason for that is that it may get people doing yoga who would never have tried it before.  It can also add an element of play or fun, which we all need a little more in our lives or it can add an education piece so it becomes a practical means to learning.   Yoga is comprehensive and the core components of yoga can be incorporated into many variations.  The physical postures or poses are only one eighth of yoga.  We can expand to learn about positive ways to live our lives with self care and respect for ourselves and others.  We can learn to be more present or mindful through movement and breath practice.  We can find ways that work for us to bring meditation into our lives so that we can become more focused, calm, productive, resilient and cope better with stress.  In my classes, I focus on the breath, body alignment and letting go.  My classes are also very safe because I focus heavily on safe functional movement, anatomy and providing options for all levels.  With my years of experience and the addition of trauma-sensitive yoga training, every class is for every person.

In 2021, I became certified as a Yoga Shred instructor so that I can offer a safer, effective version of HIIT training combined with the strength and flexibility a yoga class offers.  In this class, which I’ve been calling “Power Lunch”, we do 3 rounds of either a HIIT or micro workout to get the fast twitch muscle fibres engaged to build longer, leaner muscles as well as cardio endurance.

  • Trauma Sensitive

  • Yoga Shred/Power Lunch

  • All Levels

  • Gentle

  • Beginner

  • Core Focused Yoga

  • Yoga for Strength

  • Restorative

  • Power

  • Athletic

  • Chair Yoga/Seniors Yoga

  • Office Yoga

  • Meditative Movement through Yoga

  • Soothing Yoga with Meditation

  • Yoga for Athletes

  • Yoga Basics/101 – a break down of key poses

  • Chakra Balancing Yoga

  • Yoga & the Pelvic Floor

  • Yoga for Pain Management

  • Yoga with Singing Bowls for Sound Therapy

  • Specialty or Themed Yoga classes – Chocolate & Yoga, Wine & Yoga, Beer & Yoga, Swear Yoga, Bridal Parties, Girls’ Nights, Birthday Parties, Beach Yoga

… any other ideas? I can put something together!